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The HKS-700E is a 60HP, horizontally opposed, two cylinder, four stroke engine. The 700E uses a combination of high technology and simplicity to achieve the twin goals of high power output and reliability.

A new evolution of the HKS 700E is now available in the U.S. with increased power.  By careful optimization of head flow and reducing internal pumping losses, the new evolution 700E has a 2 horsepower increase over earlier models.  The HKS 700E four-stroke engine is in its fifth year of production; the engine is now flying in hundreds of Light aircraft, PPC’s and Trikes around the world. 

The HKS 700E is a 60HP, horizontally opposed two cylinder four-stroke engine.  The 700E uses a combination of technology and simplicity to achieve the twin goals of high power output and reliability.  The 700E is a very high quality product.  Every major component was designed for light aircraft use and is made from the best materials and techniques available. 
The integral gearbox on the 700E uses straight cut gears with a spring-washer type torsional coupling ahead of the large flywheel.  The gearbox is attached to the flywheel case; the gears are lubricated by the main engine oil system.  The gearbox can be run up or down.  The standard gear ratio is 2.58 to one.  A 3.47 to 1 gearbox is a no cost option for greatly reduced prop noise.
The prop hub bolt pattern is the popular 75MM pattern; the direction of rotation is the same as a Rotax two-stroke.   

The carburetors are the Bing Constant Velocity type, which varies the mixture with horsepower and provides a modest amount of altitude and temperature compensation.  The valve train of the 700E is operated with pushrods off of a single, centrally located camshaft; valve lash is adjusted automatically with hydraulic lifters.  The crankshaft and connecting rods are forged, and run in split shell type bearings.

 The ignition is dual CDI, programmed to vary the timing for ease of starting.  The connectors to the electrical system are large sealed type and can only attach to the correct component.  The charging system is 17.5 Amp-210 Watt.  The exhaust systems are available in 4 configurations and now meet the European noise requirements.  Our testing with typical, fixed pitch propellers showed an average fuel consumption of between 2.0 and 2.5 gallons an hour at typical cruise settings. 
 THE HKS 700E engine comes with the Bing CV carburetors, electric starter, gearbox, air and oil filters, choice of gearbox ratio: 

HKS 700E 4 stroke, twin cylinder, 60 HP aircraft engine

HKS 700E 4 Stroke, Twin Cylinder, 60 HP Aircraft Engine

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